Friday, March 6, 2009

Head Shots

Here they are, the last of my "heroine" sketches. Don't worry, there are plenty more sketches of females to post here in the future, but they mostly come from my fashion design classes in high school, as well as my own post-high school fashion attempts. However, after this post I think we'll take a break from the ladies for awhile and look at some different types of sketches and some different mediums.
When I draw people I mostly go for the whole figure, but this batch is a set of simple headshots. These were my attempts to capture the subjects' emotions in their faces.

This is mysterious Willa. I wonder what has her so spooked.

Here is socialite Ariadne. Doesn't she make you feel you aren't quite upper-class enough to attend her big, fancy event?

Dark-eyed Camilla is exotically beautiful but she seems to be harboring dark secrets. She doesn't quite meet your eyes. I'd like the secret of where she got that great blouse!

The rest of these ladies haven't been given names, but I identify them by their expressions. This one is the Dancer. I see her in a colorful, full skirt and high-heeled tap shoes, clapping her hands to a Latino beat while she spins around the room.

This one is Innocent. She seems sweet, but very naive and uncertain about the world around her.

Here we have Wistful. She has dreams and yearnings, but little hope they will ever come true. I know how she feels! (I think she may also have a little head cold, because her nose seems slightly red!)

This lady is Suspicious. Her sidelong glance seems distrustful of someone or something. She wants to believe and be happy, but perhaps experience has taught her not to get too comfortable.

And, finally, here we have Elegant. She is beautiful and poised, with the training that gives her self-assurance, but she's also a little cool, a little distant.

Going through all these old sketches has inspired me. I haven't done much drawing for many, many years, but the urge has found me again. I bought myself a new sketch pad, sketching pencils, and a gum eraser and completed my first sketch last weekend. I'm pretty well pleased with my first attempt and I'm already working on a second. When I've completed a few, I'll post them here, but for now we'll continue with the ancient sketches from my youth--you know, back in the dark ages before DVD players, calculators, microwave ovens, satellite dishes, cell phones, and video game systems!

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