Monday, December 22, 2008

Heroines, Interrupted

Here are the last of my unfinished heroine sketches, all of these in pencil. You'll notice some are even sketched on lined paper. When you're itching to draw, you'll grab whatever is handy!

This depicts love between a lord and lady in auld Scotland. I love the romantic ideal of medieval life, even though realistically I know I could never abide living in a world of chamber pots and drafty castles. No doubt I would be the chamber maid emptying the pots rather than the pampered princess!

This is another medieval romance. Someday I would really like to complete this drawing and the one above. There's something tender about the way the lovers hold each other. The previous drawing is unusual in that I completed the man's face but not the woman's. This sketch is more typical; since I struggle with men's faces, I generally left them for last.

This drawing is mystical, an enchanter and enchantress. It looks like all that needed finishing was the man's cape. I do not recall who I modeled these men's faces after, but they must have been ruggedly handsome men!

I suspect the reason I didn't complete this sketch was frustration. I have a vague recollection that I could not get her legs and feet to come out right. I feel no urge at all to finish this drawing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unfinished Heroines

Here are a few more old drawings of heroines from novels I once read. Apparently I began work on these but never finished them. They are set in more modern times than those in the last post.

May 1978, age 23: I think I went through a boots-and-capes phase for awhile!

July 1977, age 22: Passion in the bayou! This drawing is set during the Civil War era. (I'm guessing I was between boyfriends at this time!)

This one is undated, as is most of my old artwork. All I can say with any certainty is it was done sometime in the 1970s. I call it "Fleeing the Menace." Perhaps this followed the breakup of my latest romance? Just kidding!

Maybe someday I'll sit down and finish these. And then again, maybe not!

Friday, December 12, 2008


When I was young, I enjoyed reading the historical romances that my mom was always reading by the dozens. In my mind, I always cast myself as the heroine of the story, and I would imagine the hero was played by whatever celebrity I found attractive at the time. It was the ultimate in escapism, becoming the character and living another, more exciting life.
Being artistic, I found the fantasy in my mind would inevitably spill over into my drawings. The drawings below were done between 1970 and 1980, with my age ranging from 16 to 26. All were inspired by the heroines in books, and you'll notice that each has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I drew her the way I wished I looked!
May 1972, age 17: The male model I selected for this drawing was Neil Diamond. I was never very good at drawing men.

June 1974, age 19: This one was an expression of joy.

November 1970, age 16 (Ah, youth!)

November 1971, age 17

November 1973, age 19

1980: This is kind of a funny drawing. This humorous regency romance novel was about a brother and sister who were con artists, and they pulled off their scams by dressing as members of the opposite sex. So there I am as the sister dressed as a man, while the brother dressed as a woman was based on Davy Jones of the Monkees, whom I had a crush on for many, many years!

The inset picture would be the sister falling in love when she was not dressed in drag. Her love interest was an older man, so I chose Rock Hudson as the model. Hey, gay or not, he was still quite attractive in 1980! (Think McMillan and Wife!)