Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pencil Heroines

Ooh, I have an almost endless supply of heroines still to post, especially these that were sketched in pencil. Some are better than others, but they all fed my fantasies of adventure and love in my younger years!

These first 3 sketches are unusual in that they are not full-body, standing figures, but I was pretty well pleased with how they turned out.
There is a name on the stone bridge in tiny print. I sometimes named my sketched ladies, I'm not sure why. Sometimes the name was one I thought was cool and sometimes it was the name of the heroine in the current novel I was reading. This girl is called Mavoureen, an old Irish name I thought was neat. She seems so romantic, all wistful and gazing off into the distance.

Mavoureen is unusual in another aspect: she has dark hair. Nearly all of my heroines were given blonde hair because they were an extension of myself. Apparently I was not mirroring myself in this drawing. Even her facial features are quite unlike mine. However, I actually liked this drawing well enough that I did a similar one at a later time, which will show up in another post. It's kind of a funny take on a new theme and, of course, that one features a blonde!

This is Arabella, the name of the main character in another regency romance. I drew her in June 1973, when I was 18.

Rebecca is the name that just seemed to fit this girl's face. She appears to be open and optimistic. I drew this one in June 1971 when I was 16.

Here are two more drawings sharing a page which I found in my stacks of old art. I recognize my style, but I honestly don't recall drawing them or remember what they were all about.

These two ladies are dressed in clothing from about the turn of the century, 1900 or thereabouts. I was never too interested in that era and I don't remember any books I read from that era, so these gals are a bit of a mystery.

The girl in the black hat looks rather boring, frankly! The girl in the floral hat seems young, maybe a preteen. Obviously I lost interest and never finished her. They are not my favorites, but I guess they aren't too terribly drawn. I suppose they can't all be winners!

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